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Triathlon, Swim-run, Maraton Coaching for all levels.

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Med över 15 års erfarenhet av både långdistans och kortdistans kan Luke (click here to see Luke's bio) erbjuda coaching
till både nybörjare och erfaren. Beroende på din satsning ser uppläggen någon annorlunda ut; 

Luke has over 15 years of experience in high performance triathlon and was an elite runner since he was 13 yrs old.  He has taken the gems out of all the training programs/coaches/training partners over his exciting career and applied them to his coaching.  Luke is focussed on age Group athletes and knows that time is limited so has developed programs mostly under 10hrs per week.  His athletes (click here to see his athletes results and feelback) are proving it works.  With the use of training Peaks the customization/personalization of your program is easily done as is the tracking of your fitness and performance levels.  For more specifics on the training philosophy Luke uses scroll to the bottom of this page.

We Use TrainingPeaks!

We Use TrainingPeaks!


Coaching Basic - Monthly Programs - 800 kr - 80Euro

  • Designed for self motivated athletes who need Micro and Macro structure in their training.

  • Receive your programs in 3-4 week blocks based on your goals and time constraints via TrainingPeaks.com.

  • Send any PR's Lactat tests, or training data so we can personalize your program as much as possible.

  • Send your general feedback/questions and any out of the ordinary Life events preceding each monthly block - a phone or Skype conversation is also advised.

  • You will be invited to Team Training Days/Functions at no additional cost.

Coaching Premium - Weekly Programs - 1800 kr - 180Euro

  • Designed for highly motivated athletes who want specific guidance and advice for thier training.

  • Recieve Weekly Training Schedules based on your goals and time constraints via TrainingPeaks.com

  • Send any PR's Lactat tests, or training data so we can personalize your program as much as possible.

  • Get help and advice with anything triathlon incl. nutrition, bike fitting, race planning, etc.

  • Keep an ongoing conversation about your training via training peaks or simply text or call at need.

  • Recieve full analysis of your fitness level, performance levels whenever you need it.

  • If you are in the area, join up for training sessions and squad Training Days.

10-12 week blocks of Training based on your level and the time of year now available on the Triaining Peaks Store:

We are currently working on 10-12 week programs for different parts of the year designed to work on specific skills/strengths to build your training up for a summer of racing.  We will continue to add programs to this library so keep an eye out to see if there is a program there to match your goals and time constraints.


  Most of these programs are based on Thresholds so we hope if you are using Training Peaks you have narrowed in your FTP on the bike and Threshold pace for running.  If you haven't here is a great resourse for getting a pretty close estimation:







          Med hjälp av "trainingpeaks", verktyget för att optimera och individualisera varje träningsprogram ges
          möjlighet till professionell coaching. 

Contact Luke at luke@trimate.se, or 0176 168 613, and if you are ready for action simply sign into training peaks and select Luke as your coach: https://home.trainingpeaks.com/attachtocoach?sharedKey=DRJFET7CICBDW

 or send a inquiry via trainingpeaks: https://www.trainingpeaks.com/coach/lukedragstra.


Grenspecifik coaching /personlig träning - Skill-specific Coaching / Personal Training

Lämpar sig till dig som är nybörjare eller erfaren och vill utveckla teknik inom en specifik sport inom triathlon. 

Singel - Individual - 600 kr / tillfälle

Grupp 3 pers - 3 Person Small group - 300 kr / tillfälle / person

Grupp 4+ pers - 4+ Person Group - 200 kr / tillfälle / person

Vi rekommenderar att köpa minst 3 tillfällen åt gången vid personlig-/gruppcoaching för optimal utveckling.
Kontakta Luke för att boka passande tid


Training Philosophy

Training for triathlon, especially an Ironman is a big challenge and endeavour.  Most of you out there are limited in many ways and your training will also be limited.  Training as a pro athlete is a much different game, as Luke has come to experience himself than training with the constraints of family and work.  Making sure your family is on board and being time efficient and working with your spouse and kids is very necessary to making the experience a positive one.  Utilizing running/biking specific strollers planning events to include the family and training as time efficient as possible so you don't limit your quality family time is encouraged.

Luke has seen his athletes produce very impressive improvements and elite age group performances off of very limited training hours.  Most of his athletes average under 10hrs per week of training (yearly average of course) and some as little as 5hrs per week.

A key factor in being able to do this is NOT to overtrain in the off-season.  Having a good routine in the off season that builds specific skills (ie. improving your swimming) and working on your core strength and mobility is emphasized.  We don't shoot for any big fitness numbers in the off season but you may see improvements in your thresholds and hopefully your technique and efficiency.  Preparing mentally and organizationally for the final 10-12 week block is very key.  If the whole year is a strain on family and fitting in enough training then 'upping your training' when you need to will be difficult.  Building the blocks and mental focus to get the most out of this 10-12 week period leading up to your big event (usually an IM distance race) is the primary focus of Luke's Programs.

Of course Luke also coaches athletes who have more time and can train at a higher level but most Triathletes find them in the situations outlined above and Luke is constantly amazed with levels his athletes are achieving given all the time and commitments restraints.  



“Thank you so much for your greatest support because of you I'm still in the journey” - Chanyanut Nisaret

“I’m pretty happy with the TT today.. 1:36/100 is pretty good for me! My developing is pretty amazing ! Hats off Coach! “ - Petter Svensson


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